About us

Microbial is a biotech company specializing that developes and produces molecular microbiology PCR-based detection systems intended for agri-food and environmental.

Our main activities are:



1. Production of PCR kits for the detection of:

  1. Pathogenic bacteria: food (Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, etc...) and environment (Legionella)
  2. Foodborne viruses: Norovirus
  3. Food forensics: fraud, species identification, authentication, GMOs detection, detection of allergenics.

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2. Services

  1. Identification and molecular classification of microorganisms
  2. Microbiological analysis og food and environmental samples.

3. Training. Courses on Legionella analysis by qPCR

Detectió of viable Legionella spp by PMA-qPCR


Microbial ofers a complete solution for the setup of the whole viable Legionella detection method by PMA-qPCR following ISO/TS 12869:2012 technical recommendations

This solution includes:

  • Thermocycler
  • DNA extraction
  • Detection kit with quantification standard: Legiofast SPECIES.
  • Training
  • "In situ" install and setup

The method can be certified as a screening of negative results and is specially recommended for high sample turnover labs as results can be obtained in a few hours from sample reception.

Ask for details at info@microbial-systems.com

Food Forensics

Ciència Forense Alimentària

New line of kits for Food Forensics: FoodReady:

  • Food fraud and adulteration
  • Species identification: bovine,porcine, chicken, turkey, ruminants, etc....
  • Anàlisi d'rganismes modificats genèticament (GMOs)
  • Detecció d'al.lèrgens

Download here the list of solutions for Food Forensics